The Crown Pull

Push in and pull apart your cranial bones starting at the forehead and two more positions on top of head, then tap all over the back of the head.

This will help you feel more balanced, think more clearly, improve your co-ordination, harmonizes your energies.

The Wayne Cook

Right hand over left (fingers intertwined) and right foot over left. Pull the hands up and through onto chest – take four deep breathes and then change over and do the same.

This will help you untangle inner chaos, see with better perspective, focus your mind more effectively and learn more proficiently.

Separating Heaven & Earth

Hands on thighs, with deep inhalation circle your arms out and meet hands at chest level, fingers touching in a prayerful position. Exhale through mouth.

Separate arms from one another stretching one high and the other low as if pushing something apart and hold as long as is comfortable.

Return hands to prayer position and repeat, switching arms. Do this twice and then let your body fold over at waist, hang there till you feel the pulses in your fingers.

Slowly come up, rolling your shoulders back as you reach standing and before sweeping up the aura.

This will activate the spleen, expels toxic energies, opens the meridians and brings fresh oxygen to the cells.


Place your middle finger inside your belly button and the other middle finger on the third eye and gently pull up with both fingers. Hold this position until you feel yourself take a really deep breath - it happens naturally so don't rush it. This grounds and calms you and hooks your energy up to joy. It's also good to do this if you are feeling disconnected to the people around you.

Zipping Up

Start zipping up from the base of your spine at the back, up and over your head to your top lip (with both hands) and then zip up your front from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip three times and on the third zip, ‘turn the key’ when you get to your lip the third time.

This will help you think more clearly, tap your inner strengths and protect you from negative energies that may be around you.

Three Thumps

These daily exercises will energize you, help you focus, concentrate, boost your immune system, increase your strength and vitality and balance your blood chemistry.

Thumping K-27s.

These are the two spots just under the center of your collarbone (really a bit out and away from the center). A finger's width below the collarbone there is a soft dip and if massaged deeply it will probably be sore. Whenever anything is sore it means you need to get the energy there moving. So, using your thumb, index and middle finger (or knuckles - whatever feels right to you) thump these spots. This will make sure your energy and meridians are flowing forward. It will re-energize your mind and keep you focused on the task at hand.

Thumping Thymus.

The second thump is in the middle of your sternum or right between your nipples. It's the hard spot on your chest. Thump this very hard. (You can even do a King Kong move, hitting your chest as he would - and if you feel like adding sound effects, go for it, this is meant to be fun, too.) This is will increase your immune system. When we are stressed out our thymus gland shrinks and thumping it will stimulate it, giving you more strength and vitality.

Thumping Spleen Points

The last thump begins three or four inches under your armpit and continues along your bra-line to under the nipples. This area is bound to be very sore because many toxins build up here. You are stimulating your spleen, which is responsible for processing the food you eat and the medications you take as well as your emotions. Emotional toxins and stuck energy tend to build up and you want to flush them daily. Once you start doing this every day the pain will significantly subside because you will have gotten the toxins and energy moving and flowing out of you. It's also a great metabolism boost.

The Cross Crawl

Marching on the spot, touching right hand or elbow to left knee and vice versa – 14 times.

Facilitates the crossover of energy between the brain’s right and left hemispheres. This will help you to feel more balanced, think more clearly, improve your co-ordination and harmonize your energies.

Energy Medicine Daily Routine