While in San Miguel de Allende, enjoy 5 classes a week with Lydia Wong’s fun, easy and down to earth approach to learning the art of classical tai chi.

Learning tai chi is a joyful art that requires time to process with lots of humor, patience and dedication.
Each class builds on the yin yang language of tai chi, which is related to your posture, energy, ease of flow. connection of mind and body movement awareness.

To achieve a new level of fitness, schedule some private sessions, as a duo or share a group class up to 4 students at her studio. For larger groups, Lydia can teach at your location.

Healthy Aging Program
Get a boost in brain alertness, balance and memory!

Tuesday and Thursday
Time 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm.

This unique 4 - 12 weeks course which introduces the foundations mind body medicine and cross lateral skills required to improve balance, reduce falls and perform tai chi with ease the highly technical and refined movements of tai chi and qigong for health.

To get the best results please allow 4 - 12 sessions to get you out of the fight-or-flight response that causes aging, inflammation and weight gain,...and into the "relaxation response" that restores vitality, mood and heals disease!

This Healthy Aging program is held at Lydia’s tai chi studio in Azteca.

The location is a 10 minutes walk from El Jardin, in order to be on time. it’s best to take a taxi and arrive 15 minutes earlier for registration.

Email Lydia for registration and directions, no drop ins.
2 sessions minimum is suggested if you are in San Miguel de Allende for a short vacation
or schedule a private training session. Payment can be paid via paypal.

San Miguel Tai Chi
Benito Juarez Park Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Location: Benito Juarez Park, small basketball court entrance by the rosewood hotel.
Fee: Weekly and unlimited classes for 4 weeks.

New students can purchase a one week introductory pass for all 5 classes.

Healthy Living With Lydia Wong
San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Healthy Living Programs

Welcome to my Healthy Living and Wellness Programs in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. At my wellness and massage studio located a 10 minute walk from the historic center, I provide my students with 1 on 1 personal coaching to make achieving your health and fitness goals more motivating and enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

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