You’ve discovered a unique and tranquil healing and wellness oasis in the heart of San Miguel de Allende’s historic center.

Lydia Wong offers the best in natural therapies for beauty, health and balance. Health Consultations and courses are available for individuals and groups in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

For the past three decades, Lydia has helped hundreds of patients and students in her Movement as Medicine international workshops, and remotely via Skype. Learning a daily energy practice plays an important role in restoring the functions of the body and in addressing the miscommunications between the energy and meridian systems thereby preventing imbalance, discomfort and promoting the health and quality of practitioners' lives. If you want personalized attention for your goals or to calm and stabilize your mind, body and emotions, then book a series of therapeutic bodywork, movement sessions or online mentoring courses with Lydia.

About Lydia Wong

Lydia is the author of the Award Winning Video Qi-Netics - The Complete Holistic Workout For Busy People and Rhythms of The Tao Book. There are many opportunities to study with Lydia. Students of all levels are invited to travel to San Miguel de Allende to attend wellness consultations or teachers training in Mind-Body Connection and Awareness.

Online Video Downloads

Clients have Included:

Lou Reed, Anjelica Houston, Jack Nicholson, Dolph Lungren, Itaal Shur ( Santana ) to name a few.

What People Say

“A well conceived and presented system for all ages and fitness levels. Accessible and Enjoyable.

- Yoga Journal

Lydia is a wonderful physical therapist and expert in Shiatsu. She has made all the difference in my working days here in London. I feel very lucky to have her care, attention and friendship. Lucky you!

- Angelica Houston

Lydia is a delightful teacher and wonderful Spirit. Her combination of movement and meridian work is a particularly exciting contribution.

- Donna Eden,
Author of Energy Medicine

She is every woman's best beauty secret and will take 10 years off you as you leave glowing with radiance, love and joy that is your true essence!  Her private healing and teaching sessions are incredible and I highly recommend her for your stay in San Miguel. She is a wonderful person and her radiance is always so inspiring to me. Thank you Lydia!

- Lysa Aya Trenier,
Singer, Song Writer, New York

Working with Lydia is a revelation, seeing how chi can be moved in the body. She is a great teacher and source of inspiration, and teaches with such joy and playfulness. I highly recommend learning with her!

- Billy White,
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Donna Eden, Lydia Wong, Lauren Walker, and Aya Trenier, thank you for the influential role each of you have played in my understanding and practice of Energy Medicine.

  1. -Elena Brower,
    Spiritual Teacher, New York

  2. -Tai Chi Is Good For The Heart,
    Daily Mail, UK